Monday, August 01, 2011

Hey, Wha happened!

This is a pitard, and we've been hoisted!

I have had to conclude with regret that President Obama is not the agent of change that we were looking for. He has given away the store every time he headed into negotiations. This is a strategy that will continue the downward spiral of our economy. A budget that restricts spending at a time of massive unemployment and under employment will not improve the economy. It is the time to increase government spending on infrastructure, education, scientific research, and green energy production. The economy is slow and sputtering because Americans are unable to spend money for fear of losing their jobs or from unemployment. If we had full employment and raised the taxes, both social security and income tax on those making more that a million dollars a year, we would grow our way out of this poor economy like we have done in the past. Obama is listening to the economists who got it wrong before and will get it wrong again. The Republicans have adopted a faith based excuse for a philosophy that seems to merely provide a rationale for taking bribes from the super rich. This is gradually being realized by more and more Americans, and I am sure they will respond to real and honest progressive leadership.

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