Monday, March 21, 2011

The propagation of bad economic propaganda takes MONEY!

Researchers at have created a graphic display of Art Pope's network, including Americans for ProsperityKoch Industries, and the North Carolina legislature. Art Pope is the CEO of Variety Wholesalers and is a financier of a broad range of self-serving policies that favor the elite over the public interest. Through the wealth of the John William Pope Foundation, named after Pope's father, Art Pope has single-handedly contributed over $24,000,000 to groups that deny the science of global warming, dovetailing with the operations of Charles and David Koch.
Pope's network of political operatives peddle public doubt over established climate science, elect politicians who deny global warmingpush for repeal of successful energy policy (and instruct to "abandon" further attempts), attack socio-economic integration in public schools and push for widespread privatization of schools and the Internet, among other deeds.

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