Sunday, February 13, 2011

A News Iten I Can't Help Reprinting: An Outrage

Chamber Of Commerce Lawyers And Private Security Firms Are Involved In Million Dollar Spying Operation To Take Down The Campaign

In a stunning development, we learned late Thursday that Chamber of Commerce law firm, Hunton & Williams, conspired with three private security firms to create a multimillion dollar intelligence operation to destroy, Velvet Revolution and its staff, including journalist Brad Friedman. Also targeted were SEIU, reporter Glenn Greenwald, Change to Win and ChamberWatch.Org. In a plot straight out of Hollywood, this was exposed after Hunton & Williams hired the three firms to go after the Anonymous Network that had been supporting Wikileaks. The CEO of one of the firms, HBGary bragged in a February 5 article that he was going to take down Anonymous. Anonymous responded by shutting down HBGary’s web presence and extracting more than 40,000 emails from CEO Aaron Barr’s servers. Those emails disclosed not only the planned attack on Anonymous, but also the planned attack on us, which involved planting false documents, spreading disinformation, spying on our operations, cyberstalking, defamation painting us as a terrorist organization and/or a front group for the Unions.

We have responded by notifying the FBI, spreading the word throughout the blogs, and talking with our lawyers about legal action. We have been posting articles about this on our StopTheChamber site, and will will be issuing a press release tomorrow calling for Congressional and Department of Justice investigations into these outrageous and unconstitutional activities. You can help by signing on to this new petition and making a donation to help us fight back against the Chamber and its spying operation.
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