Monday, October 26, 2009

Belief in Science, an Oxymoron

I lack faith in science, and in just about everything else I can think of. I have found, however, that method is a great replacement for faith, including scientific methods. I am now very happy as a result of the complete loss of faith (I never remember really having much in any case). Now, with solid methods, you can find your way in strange places, test one possibility against another, fit things together with success and functional utility, and accomplish a great many useful things. That sort of thing usually turns out far less satisfactory with faith as the guide, and since those are the sorts of things I actually do, it works out pretty good for me. My friends use method to do similar things in areas where I lack relevant skills, and many of the things they achieve with their methods I have been able to use or even duplicate once I learned how. Some of these friends are known to me only in and by what they write. I have found that I can tell they are my friends by the very way they write, and I find that they actually prove to be friendly when I finally do meet them. This is so much better for me than faith that I find I wouldn't really want to have faith if I could generate it, which I can't, so it isn't a problem for me. People with faith in this and in that seem to me most often troubled, defensive, and unhappy, and while this is obvious about them, they deny it with venom. They don't get along well with others and seem to me to hate new things and things that contradict their many faiths. I can only pity them and try to describe to them the success that a few good methods, and that having a few friends who know methods, can provide.

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