Saturday, February 21, 2009

Income and Child Mortality in Our World

There is a stark relationship between early child mortality and gross per capita income. The relation exists within countries and between countries. The situation is far from hopeless, in that the picture has changed markedly in the world as countries have entered into world trade and local incomes have risen. But the present reality is clear enough, and is important to recognize.


SV said...

Nice graphic. So have you read Peter Singer's new book The Life You Can Save? I now donate 1% of my income and hope to do more in the future.

jmulick said...

No, Have not heard of it. There are many sources of mortality in the world, no?

Brady said...

When I first saw this graphic I thought it was very revealing...however the unequal distances along the x and y axes create the illusion that there is a more linear relationship than what exists. While it still appears the relationship exists, I don't think it is a strong as this graph represents.