Friday, November 14, 2008

A Riddle: Facilitator's hand

My numbers are small,
Though I am always more than one.

I am sometimes a company of six,
Or even ten,
Vying for power,
Seeking the place we want to be.

My strength is, for all my numbers,
Rarely but slightly more,
Sometimes even slightly less than one.
I spend myself assisting my comrades;
I am selfless.

I am born of a curse, not my own,
Bastard child of Art and Animation.
I can not see myself, being blind.
I lust to be seen by others.
Still, when others look at me,
I divert them.

I am the champion of the injustice of
Mothers' pain, her love is my protection.
I am kind, though capable of blind wrath, treachery,
A two-edged sword
In the hand of an Illusion.
I am a dream in daylight.

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